Why Is the Stepper Motor of 3d Printer Always Too High Temperature?

For 3D printers, stepper motor is one of the very important parts, many dot geeks will find that the motor temperature is too high during the printing process with 3D printers, causing various errors such as losing steps.

The temperature of the motor depends on its heat generation and heat dissipation, and there are three main factors that cause high temperature.

The choice of stepper motor is not good

It's normal for the temperature of the motor to rise after the 3D printer starts working. But if you use the kind of cheap performance of the motor, when the current is very large, it is easy to heat up the motor to stop or lose steps.

And the same working environment of good quality motor will be much better. So when you buy a motor do not single consideration of price factors, it is best to choose a better performance of the motor to prevent it from failure caused by the termination of the printing process.

Abnormal motor operation

If the motor temperature is very high soon after the start of the printing time, it is the motor running abnormal, such as insulation failure, excessive load, load imbalance, lack of phase operation, rotor blocking, etc..

If the load is too heavy, you can properly adjust the current of the drive. If these problems can not be solved, you can only replace a suitable motor.

Motor heat dissipation is not good

If the heat dissipation is not good, the motor temperature will continue to rise as the printing work progresses.

So we'd better equip the 3D printer with a heat sink or cooling fan for many benefits.