Top 10 3D printing essential STL website recommendation

With the development of time, 3D printers are becoming more and more popular, there are more and more people began to contact and understand the 3D printer, many 3D printing partners are inseparable from a few questions.

  1. What are the more professional model resources?
  2. What are the free model resource websites?

1.3D printing resource library

This is a 3D printing resources integration of a website, the content covered above is also very comprehensive, including printing services, community, learning tribe and other modules.

Its model download is divided into three ways, free model, coin model and VIP model, free model download even without registration and login, click to download.

  1. print la

The volume of the model library is huge, and it has a large number of fine models, so it is one of the main ways for me to get models.

3.Light God King Market

All the models on this site are free. Although there is only one way to download models, he has a wide variety of models, such as STL, OBJ, SW default files, rhino default files, maya default files, etc. There are even pure pictures without 3D files.

If you download the default file of the corresponding software, you need to use the corresponding software to open, and then export the STL file. This site is also recommended to collect, you can find the model, as a way to choose.


Thingiverse is considered the world's largest 3D printable model library and has become one of the world's most important 3D design communities. the most popular thing about Thingiverse is its absolute freedom, any user can upload, share and download 3D print files and it is absolutely free.

Thingiverse has uploaded more than 1 million models, and the number of downloads has reached 200 million.


Pinshape is another well-known website in the 3D content world. This 3D community marketplace has more than 55,000 creators and 3D designers, with both free STL files and paid STL files.

6、My Mini Factory

MyMiniFactory is part of iMakr which is a professional online 3D printer seller and has one of the world's largest 3D printer specialty stores in central London.

The site offers thousands of free 3D printing STL files (and some need to pay to download), if you can not find the model you want, you can also request a professional 3D designer to help you design it.


Instructables is much more than just 3D models, but we have to mention it because it's a dream kingdom for creators, with thousands of tutorials for DIY projects, rich in detail, where you can find all kinds of projects from woodworking to electronics.

It's also a large channel dedicated to 3D printing, and for some complex 3D printing projects, the designers often upload detailed instructions, rather than just offering free STL files for download. Suffice it to say, it would be a shame if you were a creator and hadn't visited Instructables.

  1. GrabCAD

GrabCAD is a 3D printing community built by professional mechanical engineers, but also for mechanical engineers, to help them find well-designed parts and create their own products faster, without having to redesign some basic parts. To date the GrabCAD community has over 1 million engineers and over 1,130,000 free CAD models

  1. Autodesk 123D

As the world's largest CAD software vendor, Autodesk has its own 3D modeling website, Autodesk 123D, which has over 10,000 free STL files. Autodesk 123D allows users to browse, download or edit 3D models through a library of 3D models and upload their own creations.

  1. 3Dagogo

This site is run by a group of hackers and designers from California who are passionate about 3D printing. users can buy and sell 3D models on it, while a significant portion of the STL files on it are completely free. one of the great features of 3Dagogo is that every uploaded 3D design is verified for 3D printing, and even each uploaded model includes an image of the print result.