PEAK's 3D printed shoe "Source" wins top prize at Germany's Red Dot Product Award

In August 2022, the 3D printed shoe "Source" created by PEAK's 3D printing design team Cai Kui, Huang Zheng and Liu Yang Yang won the best of the best award at the 2022 red dot product award in Germany, which is the world's top industrial design award and the "Oscar" of the design world. The award is the world's top industrial design award, known as the "Oscars" of the design world. For this top award in the international design world, PEAK Sports CEO Xu Zhihua said, "The source type winning this award makes us once again see the design industry's recognition of PEAK's brand 3D printing technology and sustainable/environmental concepts, and gives us confidence in our future products."

With the development of the Internet era, producers continue to pursue higher efficiency, abandoning the complicated production process and allowing inputs to go straight to production to reduce labor costs. In such a context, 3D printing technology is highly advantageous and can quickly produce personalized products to meet the needs of today's consumers. In this context, PEAK continues to conduct in-depth research and continuous innovation in the field of 3D printing, and actively develops cooperation with domestic chemical industry giants to vigorously promote new material development and innovation, and introduce 3D printing technology into product design and production.

Compared with the previous 3D printed shoes launched by PEAK, this 3D printed shoe "Source Type" has a qualitative leap in the technical level. The product is made of Wanhua Chemical's WANFAB TPU and other 3D printing materials, and is designed without side seams to fully reveal the body and classic silhouette, resulting in a clear sculptural sense of angles. The integrated turn of the reinforced outsole and the upper is presented in a translucent appearance, making it futuristic. In addition, the "Source Type" is a dream of personal customization by PEAK around renewable resources. The shoes are made by uploading personal foot shape and sports data, and are 100% recyclable to achieve "zero harm" to the environment.

As a domestic sports brand that applies 3D printing technology to its products, PEAK has never stopped exploring 3D printing technology, and the comprehensive application of 3D shoe sole to 3D shoe upper technology reflects PEAK's continuous industry leadership in 3D printing technology.