Inventory of 21 Resin 3d Printers Available to You in 2022

Stereolithography (SLA), conceived by American Chuck Hull (who later became the founder of 3D Systems) in 1986, became the first 3D printing technology to come to market. The process is based on the photopolymerization of UV-sensitive resins using lasers and has since fostered the development of a whole host of new technologies and resin 3D printers, including DLP, MSLA, VLM (from BCN3D), MovingLight (from Prodways) or, more recently, CLIP (from Carbon). Until a few years ago, printers using these technologies were only found in professional labs, but with the rapid growth of the industry, the technology has gained wider popularity and print quality has further improved. The following is a summary of 21 resin 3D printers with outstanding performance in 2022, including desktop printers and more specialized machines.

The ProJet 6000 HD from 3DSystems

Dedicated to a variety of 3D printing technologies, 3D Systems also offers SLA products, such as its ProJet 6000 HD, a resin 3D printer that delivers high quality and precision for small and medium-sized 3D printed parts. To complement its 3D printing devices, 3D Systems offers a range of SLA resins that provide the desired consistency and mechanical properties for a wide range of materials. In addition, the product enables unmatched advantages of 3D stereolithography, such as cost savings or material availability, in a more compact form. The machine has a production size of 251 x 250 x 250 mm and a minimum layer thickness of 50 µm. Prices for the ProJet 6000 HD currently range between 100,000 and 250,000 Euros.

Asiga's AsigaMAX Mini

Founded in 2011 in Australia, Asiga specializes in digital light processing (DLP) technology. Asiga MAX Mini is the smallest size solution offered by any of these resin 3D printer manufacturers, with a build volume of 51 x 32 x 75 mm and equipped with 2 different wavelengths of LED versions, namely 385 or 405 nm. It is mainly used in the dental field, but also in audio technology and the jewelry industry. In addition to the materials supplied by Asiga, the machine is compatible with all suitable materials from third-party suppliers. The MAXMini can currently be purchased for approximately $7,990.

B9Core 550 from B9Creations

American brand B9Creations has a wide range of resin 3D printers. the B9 Core 550 is an improved version of the B9Core 530, which is based on DLP technology and works with a video projector to solidify the liquid resin. It is apparently aimed specifically at professionals and is priced at around €9,955. The B9 Core 550 demonstrates a layer thickness of 10 microns, an XY resolution of 50 microns and a build volume of 96 x 54 x 127 mm. Other factors of interest include a large enhanced touchscreen on the front panel and WiFi, Ethernet and USB connectivity, while compatibility is a key point as it is possible to use resins from other manufacturers on the market.

Carbon's M3 resin 3D printer

Redwood City, California-based Carbon is launching a new and updated device, the M3 series of 3D printers, which targets high-end prototyping and manufacturing processes. The easiest way to demonstrate the benefits of the new series is to compare it to the former model, the M2. In addition to the new and innovative design, the new model now has a fully integrated touch screen, which makes the whole working process easier and also features many new possible settings. By using the touch screen, it is now possible to change the display color to the operator's favorite color. In addition to this, the sound level can be adjusted to match the sound level around the production area. Compared to earlier versions, the M3 also allows for a smoother and more consistent finish on the final product. In addition to this, the M3 has an on-board infrared resin heater, which allows for better thermal management and control during the printing process.

Creality's HalotOne Plus

Designed by Creality, the HalotOne Plus 3D printer is more powerful, easier to use and more efficient than its predecessor. It features two linear guides for the Z-axis, combined with a T-threaded rod to ensure precise and smooth movements. This resin 3D printer is equipped with a 7.9-inch mono LCD screen, allowing it to print high-quality pieces with very fine details. The machine has a print volume of 172 x 102 x 160 mm and it incorporates a 5-inch touch screen that gives a good display of the print and makes the machine easy to operate. In addition, the Creality Cloud application can be used and selected from 14 different languages.

DWS' XFAB 3500HD 3D printer

Developed by manufacturer DWS, the XFAB 3500HD has been added to the XFAB series, designed to provide models for the jewelry and fashion accessory industries. Based on the SLA process, it allows not only for rapid prototyping but also for the production of functional parts with complex geometries. Its print volume is 140x 140 x 180 mm and the machine is compatible with all the materials offered by DWS. This resin 3D printer is equipped with a professional version of the Nauta software. In terms of dimensions, the machine measures 400 x 606 x 762 mm and weighs 40 kg.

EnvisionTec's Xtreme8K

EnvisionTec is a long-established manufacturer in the resin 3D printing market, known especially for its DLP technology. It was acquired by DesktopMetal in 2021 and has been behind the ETEC brand ever since. Among the range of solutions offered, the Xtreme 8K printer is a machine designed for production volumes. Based on the DLP process, it offers a generous size of 450 x 371 x 399 mm and uses a 4K projector for added accuracy. It is compatible with a wide range of plastics, from high-temperature materials to elastomers and hard plastics. As a result, it meets a variety of industrial needs.

Focus8.9 from Flashforge

The Focus8.9 from Flashforge offers a print volume of 192 x 120 x 200 mm and a print speed of 10-50 mm/hour, based on the principle of DLP technology, compact and practical. It is a solution particularly suitable for the dental sector, whether designing surgical guides, mouth guards or sinks. Finally, it offers a 3.5-inch touch screen and Wi-Fi connectivity to enhance the user experience.

Formlabs' resin 3D printer

Formlabs is one of the pioneers of desktop stereolithography, particularly known for its Form 2. In April 2019, it announced the arrival of two new machines, the Form 3 and Form 3L, based on a new printing process called Low Force Stereolithography (LFS). Formlabs' main goal is to increase print volume: the Form 3 can create parts up to 145 x 145 x 185 mm, while the Form 3L can reach 300 x 335 x 200 mm, five times larger than its brother series. Both printers are said to be faster and more accurate, offering a minimum layer thickness of 25 microns using a 250mW laser. the Form 3 is priced at €3,299 and the Form 3L at €9,399.

In 2022, the American manufacturer is back with the Form3B+ and the Form 3BL. The Form3B+ has a print volume of 145 x 145 x 185 mm and is mainly used in the medical field. It has a precision of up to 25 microns and can design parts with fine details and smooth surfaces. Also dedicated to the health sector, the Form 3BL is designed to be able to work continuously with minimal intervention. The machine has an integrated print volume of 335 x 200 x 300 mm and an optical sensor for optimal printing conditions. In France, the Form 3B+ is priced from €4,033, while the Form 3BL is priced at €11,500.

Longer3D's Orange 4K

Domestic manufacturer Longer3D has added a new product to its Orange product line at the end of 2020 called Orange 4K 3D printer. This LCD machine has a 5.5-inch LCD screen and offers a maximum print volume of 120 x 68 x 190 mm. the Orange 4K prints at speeds of up to 60 mm/hour and is available in two different models, a color version and a monochrome version. And according to Longer3D, both models enable extremely detailed prints. Compatible with various slicers, such as CHITUBOX, LongerWare and Lychee Slicer, the resin 3D printer incorporates a temperature detection system to prevent overheating. With a 12-month warranty and delivered without resin, the Orange 4K retails for $499 on the manufacturer's website.

Nexa3D's NXE400

The NXE400 professional machine from U.S. manufacturer Nexa3D for 2019 has a print volume of 270 x 160 x 380 mm or 16 liters. It is based on LSP technology (Lubricant Sublayer Photo-curing), a type of masked stereolithography (mSLA) that is designed to manufacture faster than solutions on the market. According to the manufacturer, NXE400 prints 2.5 times as much and manufactures 6.5 times as fast. It is compatible with PP and ABS types of materials and technical quality functional materials.

Origin One from Origin

Developed by manufacturer Origin, the OriginOne 3D printer is based on a resin technology called programmable photopolymerization (P3). This approach allows the printing process to be optimized in real time by managing several parameters, such as light projection and temperature control. This allows users of this machine to create parts with dimensions smaller than 50 microns with qualitative results using high precision materials. The 3D printer has a print volume of 192mm x 108mm x 350mm and is compatible with materials provided by Origin. The machine weighs 72kg and has minimal energy requirements, allowing the manufacturer to maximize its production capacity. Since Origin's acquisition by Stratasys, the Origin One has been sold under the Stratasys trademark.

Peopoly's PhenomPrime

Peopoly has developed the PhenomPrime, the most powerful resin 3D printer in the Phenom family. Based on MSLA (Masked Stereolithography) technology, the machine is capable of producing parts up to 276 x 155 x 400 mm in size. This 3D printer features a monochrome screen with significantly higher light transmission and more than 70% less exposure time. In addition to boasting a lifespan three times longer than the previous version, the Phenom Prime is distinguished by its manufacturing speed, which is largely due to the use of MSLA technology. The machine also incorporates a cooling system that improves the quality of printed parts.

photocentric's LiquidCrystal Magna

Liquid Crystal Magna, one of the products launched by British manufacturer Photocentric, which initially specialized in creating resins for 2D printers, launched its first 3D solution in 2015. This new 3D printer uses its brand's patented technology, based on the principles of stereolithography, but using an LCD screen. The printer has a large print volume of 510 mm x 280 mm x 350, one of the largest of the resin machines. The machine has a layer thickness of 100 microns, making it ideal for developing small series, according to the manufacturer. Its starting price is $14,180 (£10,995).

Prusa SL1 resin 3D printer

In September 2018, Prusa, a manufacturer known for its open source FDM 3D printers, entered the stereolithography market with the SL1. The open source machine offers a print volume of 120 x 68 x 150 mm and uses an LCD screen to harden resin layer by layer in just six seconds. It is equipped with a resin tank containing a transparent and flexible FEP film, making it easier to change trays. Delivered with a post-processor, the Prusa SL1 is priced from $1,599, making it one of the cheapest 3D resin printers in our selection.

Rayshape's Shape1+ dental resin 3D printer

Developed by Asian manufacturer RAYSHAPE, the Shape1+ Dental is a resin 3D printer primarily for the dental sector. The printer uses DLP technology with an integrated LED light engine. Thanks to its combination of high manufacturing speed and performance, the machine is ideal for integration into dental clinics and laboratories. In terms of features, the printer has a 3D printing volume of 144 x 81 x 200 mm (5.76 × 3.2 × 7.87 in), a layer height of 50-100 µm and a manufacturing speed of 20-40 mm/h. The Shape 1+Dental is compatible with RAYSHAPE's ShapeMaterials dental resin as well as other third-party materials. All these professional features make this all-in-one machine suitable for more than 20 clinical applications. You can learn more about Shape 1+ Dental on their website (

SprintRay Pro S-Series Dental Printers

The Pro S-Series dental printers are designed to improve the efficiency of healthcare facilities. Designed for dental professionals, the Pro S is simple to use and easy to integrate into the work area. It can produce fast and versatile tools for many types of dental treatment applications.The SprintRay Pro S Series dental printer is compatible with a wide range of materials and its print speed is outstanding. In addition, the printer is equipped with sensors to ensure a smooth 3D printing process.


UNIZ's Slash 2 PRO resin 3D printer

Launched in 2019 by manufacturer Uniz, the Slash 2 PRO is one of the best desktop resin 3D printers available on the market. It uses an ultra-high resolution LCD screen and UV LED backlighting to cure photosensitive resin layer by layer in a precise and fast manner.The Slash 2 Pro has a 4K screen that guarantees 49.8 micron precision. With a print volume of 192 x 120 x 200 mm, it can print several different parts at the same time or mass produce a single part.

NobelSuperfine by XYZPrinting

The Nobel Superfine is one of the resin 3D printers made by the Chinese Taiwanese manufacturer XYZPrinting. The 3D printer is based on the DLP process and features automatic calibration and Wi-Fi connectivity for remote control of the printing process. Thanks to its precision, this resin 3D printer is suitable for jewelry and dental professionals. the Nobel Superfine can 3D print not only molds, but also prototypes such as rings, tiaras, bracelets and pins. In addition, this high-resolution resin 3D printer is compatible with a variety of XYZPrinting materials, including acrylics and castable resins. Its print volume is 64 x 40 x 120 mm.


The Photon M3 is a high-quality, entry-level 3D printing machine from domestic manufacturer Anycubic with a build volume suitable for smaller print jobs. This small machine offers reliable print quality, shorter print times and an impressive build plate size, making it an excellent and reliable resin printer. M3 has various features including a 9.25'' 6K exposure screen and an auto feed function that automatically connects to a resin barrel to feed whenever the resin supply is low and stops when there is enough resin. In addition to that, this nimble resin 3D printer from Anycubic has the so-called LighTurbo matrix arrangement of LCD lights. It delivers powerful light power, making high-speed printing possible, and a 5-inch LCD touch screen for a better user experience. For those who want to print larger sized products, the Photon M3 is available in 3 different sizes, the M3, M3 Plus and M3 Max.

Flyingbear's shine2

Shine2 is a resin 3D printer from domestic manufacturer Zhejiang Flyingbear 3D, with an 8.9-inch 4K monochrome LCD screen with a resolution of up to 3840*2400, displaying printing details perfectly. The monochrome screen has stronger light transmission and longer service life. 405nm parallel light source 70 UV circles make the light uniform and parallel to the screen surface, providing more accurate printing size. Modular air filter replacement Quickly replace activated carbon to ensure air filtration. Patented air duct design dual fan circulation heat dissipation to ensure air circulation in the case and improve the service life of the monochrome screen. Aluminum alloy casting water tank integrated molding processing, long-term use of water does not leak, increase the scale line. Patented snap design resin tank and printing platform using snap installation, easy and fast to use. Protective case flip design protective case is easy to use, save space and more beautiful appearance.