Industrial Grade 3D Printer in the Future Is Indispensable

Now, the development to today's 3D printers are mainly desktop 3D printers and industrial grade 3D printers, generally desktop 3D printers are personal or for personal customization, teaching and home, industrial grade 3D printers are mainly used for rapid prototyping and direct manufacturing.

Industrial Grade 3D Printers

Compared to desktop 3D printers, industrial grade 3D printers are 3D printers mainly used for industrial production, these printers have more features and are more efficient, especially in harsh environments for stability and reliability. As production equipment, efficiency is especially important, with high print flow and high speed printing, which are the main conditions to consider, but it is also necessary to consider their performance stability and reliability.

Currently, in the technical parameters of industrial-grade 3D printers table, the printing speed is generally described as follows: such as 30-40mm / s, 20-100mm / s, 180mm / s (recommended for 60mm / s), 180mm / s (normal conditions) 30-60mm / s), but in these areas, the print speed is very variable, because.

(1) not described: the above speed is the actual speed of movement of the nozzle in the printed workpiece, or the speed of movement at idle, the obvious latter may be much greater than the former.

(2) printing different shapes and sizes of workpieces, the need to print different lengths of line segments, the need to print different bending radius, obviously, the speed must be lower when printing short line segments, higher bending, so that the printing speed in the parameter table is wider, and does not accurately reflect the actual printing efficiency of the printer.

Overall, there is no substitute for the efficacy of industrial-grade 3D printers in product manufacturing. Industrial-grade 3D printers focus on high temperatures from lasers or high-energy electron beams, and metal powders or wires are burned into broken chains to create printable printed objects. Computer-controlled lasers or electron beams can print in a variety of complex and precise structures, such as automotive parts, aircraft interior components, such as traditional machining, can be removed from mold manufacturing, forging and molding, etc.

In addition, in recent years we find more and more areas related to the development of industrial grade 3D printers. In order to better improve production efficiency and product quality, many domestic and foreign companies have purchased industrial grade 3D printers, prompting the expansion of industrial grade 3D printers, market share continues to improve, the value of industrial grade 3D printers is slowly showing that industrial grade 3d printers will also be indispensable in the future.