How to Use Light-Curing 3D Printers to Print Animation Models

For anime lovers, the appeal of anime hand-me-downs is absolutely superb! From a certain point of view, anime hand-me-downs can be said to be the spiritual food for anime lovers. But in real life, handicrafts are expensive and not all anime lovers are able to become handicraft collectors. If you have a light-curing 3D printer, you can 3D print your own anime artifacts, you can also become a small collector.

Advantages of 3D printing anime figures

  1. light-curing 3D printer printing anime hand puppet, can complete personalized customization, can print their own preferences, there is no substitute for the characteristics of the game characters, game props, anime characters.
  2. tactile. The market is bought in bulk production, the use of 3D printers can also be created into pieces of unique, limited edition of the anime hand-me-downs, texture is stronger.
  3. the use of 3D printing to create anime hand-me-downs, fast, efficient, and anime hand-me-downs character role of exquisite fine higher, tactile.
  4. the overall consumption is lower, compared to the open mold and purely handmade, light-curing 3D printing is not only efficient, and lower consumption.

3D printing anime handicraft process

1、3D modeling

Modeling is the initial foundation of a 3D printing, if you do not know how to model friends, you can also go online to Baidu to find out about this model download, there are now a lot of free model sharing blocks online, or click the following anchor text to choose (model download fast channel) for those who do not know how to export stl format partners can also refer to (how to export stl format model).

2、Cautions for model slicing

Choose a smooth bottom surface without holes, do not choose the maximum contact surface to close to the bottom plate, the bottom lift 5mm, choose all support, support parameters are as follows, and then check whether some support has been added firmly, the closer to the bottom plate, add support needs to be arranged more, otherwise it is easy to cause the printing process fall off.

3、Preparation work before printing

Before using the printing supplies need to be slightly shaken, do not shake vigorously resulting in a large number of bubbles to affect the printing process. Consumables, it is recommended to use the manufacturer's recommended supplies to avoid damage, and remember one thing, do not print and change the performance of the printer does not fit the items. (For example, use a printer that is not dedicated to jewelry-grade models to print jewelry-grade related objects)

4. Coloring

After the 3D printing has a white mold, then it is sanding and coloring treatment, painted and dried, and then assembled, a 3D printed anime hand puppet is completed.

3D printers only need a few hours to have an exquisite fine density of such a high quality anime handicraft, available in small batch production and personalization, and the overall consumption is more economical. Light-curing 3D printer equipment is one of the most extensive processes available for anime figures, and given the characteristics of the resin material, it can be used to feature very detailed details of the character's location and structure. Light-curing 3D printing from the production of anime handicrafts is a semi-product of white mold, the subsequent hands to polish, assembly, coloring and other follow-up production process.