How to Engrave Patterns with Laser Engraving Machine

What is laser engraving and cutting? Laser engraving and cutting is a kind of processing method with the CNC system as the controller and the laser generator as the medium. After the laser generator generates laser light, it is transmitted through the reflector and irradiated to the processed product through the focusing mirror, so that the surface of the processed product is subjected to strong thermal energy and the temperature rises sharply, therefore, the point melts or evaporates rapidly due to high temperature. The laser head is used to achieve the purpose of engraving or cutting. When laser engraving or cutting, it does not contact with the surface of the material and is not affected by mechanical movement, the surface will not be deformed and generally does not need to be fixed. Moreover, it is not affected by the elasticity and flexibility of the material, and it is convenient for soft materials. Laser engraving and cutting is highly accurate, fast and has a wide range of applications. Laser cutting machines can engrave and cut virtually any material, but are limited by the power of the laser generator. Materials that use CO2 laser cutting and engraving machines include wood, MDF, plywood, bamboo, plastic, acrylic, glass, foam, fabric, textiles, leather, rubber, stone, PVC, paper, aluminum oxide, resin, and painted metal.

Electrical and control system files can be exported directly from the computer to the laser software via data cable, or optionally to USB flash memory and then downloaded to laser cutters and engravers. Blowing Pump Air pump blows air from the laser head. It removes heat and avoids material burning. Exhaust Fan (Exhaust Fan) The exhaust fan removes fumes generated during engraving and cutting. Safety Interlock When the front door of the machine is opened, the laser machine will stop working. This is a safety device. wifi device files can be transferred to the machine via WIFI instead of via cable or USB flash memory. More convenient. Toolbox Machine power cable, controller cable, CD software, Allen wrench, straight edge, keys, bolts, lens cleaner, goggles and more laser accessories Optional accessories for laser cutters and engravers In addition to the standard laser accessories, you can choose optional accessories according to your laser engraving machine plan or laser cutting machine project. The motorized up and down laser cutting table has this feature to lift the table in the Z direction (up and down) for more working space. Rotation or engraving/cutting is required if you are using rotation or engraving/cutting for items thicker than 35 mm. The rotary attachment is used to hold and rotate cylindrical items such as wine bottles, glasses, cups, pipes, etc. during the engraving and cutting process. The red dot laser is not visible. The red dot indicates the position of the laser on the material for better positioning. Auto-focus Auto-focus must be used in conjunction with the electric lift table. This machine automatically adjusts the focus before engraving and cutting to replace manual focusing and improve work efficiency.