Have a 3D Printer, You Can Do Hand-Me-Downs at Home

Hand model as a Quadratic culture of economic derivatives, because of its additional a special value and the complexity of the original handmade manufacturing process, its circle of money strength believe that we have heard. So now more and more hand-me-down enthusiasts are trying to print hand-me-down models with 3D printers.

What's more is that just like a thousand Hamlet in the eyes of a thousand readers, each anime model is unique in their eyes, and by means of 3D modeling, they are free to design and then get their own unique works by coloring them. 3D printers can help realize our ideas and can be 3D printed by ourselves.

3D printing handicraft advantages

1.3D printing can meet the demand of individual customization:

Some symmetrical mirror image of the handpiece, the production will be very more trouble, unless the craft is very exquisite, it is difficult to achieve this effect. Such as the film needs props, as to improve the visual impact, the accuracy of the prop model to be very high, it is difficult to meet the accuracy and fineness with the mold opening software to achieve the maximum realization of the effect of 3d printing.

  1. 3D printing technology can improve the accuracy of the hand plate

In the field of model hand-me-downs, even if the same role, everyone's interpretation is different, everyone has a perfect protagonist in mind, 3D printing can realize this individual customization needs through the form of three-dimensional modeling, and not because of individual hand-made level of difference limits their own individual customization needs, some complex expressions, details, clothing and weapons modeling, hand-made will be very time-consuming, and 3D printing can be integrated into one piece or disassembled directly printed to complete.

  1. 3D printing technology to reduce the difficulty of making hand board

Not every handicraft model enthusiasts, are skilled handicraft production master, the emergence of 3D printing, greatly reducing the access threshold of handicraft model production, before, want to make a handicraft model they like, not only need their own art skills solid, but also need to improve their handcrafting ability through a lot of experience in the actual production. With the participation of 3D printing technology, people with a certain level of art and 3D software operating skills, with the help of 3D printing can realize their own ideal hand-me-downs.

3D printing process

For those who have not been in contact with it, 3D printing may feel very distant and difficult to get started. But in fact, the operation of 3D printing by flying bear 3D is not difficult. First of all, we need a model file, just slice and process the output to a 3D printer recognizable file through the software, copy the file to the 3D printer, and then copy the file to the 3D printer and click print.

3D modeling

First, the 3D modeler uses Rhino and 3DMAX for 3D data modeling. On the basis of the 3D model, the 3D scanning technology was used to realize the 3D data inverse, the 3D scanning technology was used to realize the 3D scanning, the artificial model was used to establish the solid model, and the 3D point cloud data was printed in 3D using the 3D scanner.

3D printing

According to the above process, after completing the printing, you need to carry out the data processing work before 3D printing again, do a good job of repairing the broken surface, the best printing angle placement, add support, slice export for 3D printer format file, input 3D printing equipment for the hand model white mold.

Sanding, coloring

3D printing to get the white mold, after sanding and coating treatment, dry and then assembly, you can get a finished handicraft.

Of course, there is a simpler way to deal with it, that is, if not more than the maximum print size of this machine, in that case you can directly print the whole, so that you do not have to print in a separate post-assembly of large hand model, save the assembly link.

Using 3D printers to make handicrafts, the cost is small and efficient, and the quality is guaranteed. For some enthusiasts who can not spend high prices but like handicrafts, 3D printers are indeed a very good choice. With a 3D printer, you like which one to print which one, can personally make their own favorite handicraft, to participate in the whole production process, is also very commemorative value.

3D printing handicraft is now increasingly popular, if you want to buy a 3D printer to make their own handicraft, but do not know to buy that machine, then, you can look at the Flying Bear Ghost6 and reborn2, they are characterized by low threshold, easy to operate, reborn2 printing space is up to 325mm * 325mm * 359mm, you can make more than 30 cm at a time The handmade model, which is the size of most models on the market, of course, if the model is split printing, you can also make a large 1:1 model.