3D Printers Are Still Booming

3D printers are affected by the epidemic, the development of slowing down, but still, maintaining positive growth. 3D printing is a manufacturing technology that integrates mechanical, electronic, software, materials, and other disciplines. Through 3D printing technology, CAD design data, the discrete materials are accumulated layer by layer to achieve solid manufacturing, similar to the mathematical integration process. "3d printing", because the layered process is very similar to inkjet printing, consisting of control components, mechanical components, print heads, consumables and media.

The current market mainstream 3D printing process is mainly divided into seven categories, of which the domestic above FDM, SLA, SLS, SLM, 3dP and other technical processes are widely used.

3D printing process is generally divided into three steps: three-dimensional modeling, product molding and the final product. Among them, the product forming process for 3D printers by reading the cross-sectional information in the file, the printer uses different properties of liquid photosensitive resin, powdered plastic or various metal powder and emerging linear PLA plastic ABS nylon carbon fiber and other plastic materials will print out these cross-sections layer by layer, and then in a variety of ways a cross-section bonded together, thereby creating an entity.

3D printing is considered to be one of the core technologies leading the new round of technological revolution and industrial change, with broad development prospects. With the economic development and the improvement of living standards, consumers pursue more personalized needs, 3D printers will work with robotics, artificial intelligence and other technologies to improve the flexibility of the manufacturing line, to produce customized products at a lower cost, and promote the transformation of the manufacturing production model from mass production to personalized customization.

In recent years, 3D printing technology has received wide attention from the international community, 3D printing technology has become one of the fast-growing industries in the United States. The reason for this situation is that the developed countries in the West in 33 countries, 3D printing technology has invested a lot of human, material and financial resources to develop richer printing raw materials so that the technology is increasingly mature, the accuracy continues to improve, the cost is getting lower. With the popularity of the technology in foreign countries, China also began to focus on 3d printing technology research and development in the continuous research and development has achieved promising results.

At present, China's 3D printing market into a period of rapid development, 3D printing technology is being applied in industrialization. Affected by the epidemic,  although the development slowed down, but still maintained positive growth. The following 10 years, 3D printing industry market size still has 10 times the upside. 3D printing technology scale industrialization is starting from the 3d technology scale industrialization "star fire" developed into a "prairie momentum", from the traditional manufacturing process to supplement the Partial or even complete replacement. The traditional process, production line, factory model and industry chain combination will face deep adjustments.