12 Things You Must Not Know About 3D Printers

  1. Fill rate is set to 100%, printing does not produce solid objects

Graphics solid and hollow is not related to the fill rate, the graphics themselves are solid that played out will be solid.

  1. Printing solid objects

Playing out the model of solid and hollow and printing software is not related, is based on their own drawing of the graphics is solid to play out is solid, drawing is hollow to play out is hollow.

  1. Nozzle blockage, can not be out of the silk, how to deal with

First check whether the print nozzle and the base plate spacing is not appropriate.

First unclog the nozzle (Note: the new nozzle can never use a wrench into the nozzle to pass the nozzle, just heat the nozzle to 230 ° residue will automatically flow out).

Also check whether the gears of the extruder motor and motor shaft with the rotation. Motor gears with more powder, but also together to clean up a little.

Check whether the printhead spacing is too small, re-calibrate the platform, but also consider increasing the printing temperature by 5-10 degrees to try.

Be sure to note: after the nozzle unclogging, please must recalibrate the platform. Because when stabbing the printhead with a wrench, it may cause the printhead position downward shift, resulting in a smaller and smaller platform spacing. Platform spacing is too small, when printing, is bound to block the silk again!

  1. Print the top of the model at the end of the sintering, drawing phenomenon

Set the parameters of the printing, the nozzle temperature is reduced by 5-10 degrees, the speed of the nozzle out of the silk can be adjusted to 80 try, not the speed of the silk to 100.

  1. Printing can not be formed, spitting out the silk like pulling surface

This situation indicates that the printhead and the base plate platform spacing is too large, ask customers to recalibrate the platform.

  1. Printing process, the machine's display appears garbled, or flower screen, no content display?

If there is no problem with the model in printing, please do not perform any operation and let the printer continue to print. After printing, please turn off the machine, and then turn it on, it will return to normal. This may be the indoor connection to the printer's power lines are not grounded (and ground connection) caused, consider moving the machine to a room with a normal ground connection. There may also be dry weather, static electricity caused by the screen. This has no effect on the machine itself. If the screen, the print model has been wrong, the direct shutdown, and then restart the machine.

  1. The nozzle does not silk, with the hand to press the silk down before the silk

First back to the silk, the nozzle heated to 230 degrees to clean up the nozzle, the nozzle temperature to 230 when the residue will automatically flow inside, and then check whether the motor gears due to prolonged use of the gear part wear, such as gear wear can be considered to replace the motor gears.

  1. Nozzle into the wire after the sound of clattering

Due to the material wire is not inserted into the sound, the material wire out, check whether the motor gear inside the broken wire, clean it up and then re-enter the wire.

  1. Printing to half of the X-axis misalignment phenomenon

First confirm that the offline or online printing, offline printing.

Print model misalignment: (1) is the motor line or belt problems, (2) is the motor line or switch line signal interference.

It is recommended to print several different models to see, not to replace the new line, generally first check whether the motor line plug and belt is loose, check the end, and then print the model to see, if it still does not work, you can consider changing the new line.

Online: It may be affected by communication abnormalities, such as sudden interruptions in communication, etc.

  1. Operation panel keys do not work

First restart the printer (unplug the power cord, and then connect, and then turn on), a few seconds later, you should be able to hear 5-6 seconds of the boot bell, if you hear the bell, that the machine can start normally, then try to operate the keys. If you can not hear the bell, that the machine does not start normally, then you can try to press the small black circular reset button on the right side of the printer, the system RESET a little.

If you can not start the machine normally, provide a new motherboard to replace itself; if you can not solve the problem, please consider contacting customer service to return to the factory for repair.

  1. The printer can not start, the display shows two rows of bar codes

First restart the printer (unplug the power cord, and then connect, and then turn on the machine) to see if it returns to normal? If not, press the small black round reset button on the right side of the printer, the system RESET.

  1. Printing process, the display shows NA, and then the printer stops working

The first display NA because the printhead can not be heated as a result, you can check whether the plug of the printhead heating line is loose, such as check or can not be heated, you can contact the aftermarket to professional documentation to do a comprehensive inspection of the heating line, such as after the inspection or can not be heated then need to replace the printhead heating line.