Laser Engraving Machines in a Variety of Industries

Laser engraving machine can improve the efficiency of our engraving, make the surface of the engraved place smooth, round, quickly reduce the temperature of the engraved non-metallic materials, reduce the deformation and internal stress of the engraved object; can be widely used in the field of fine engraving of various non-metallic materials, so to speak, laser engraving machine is a high-tech products in the world today, the product light, machine, electrical integration technology content is very high. In the mid to late nineties, with the successful development of laser engraving technology, the engraving industry began to develop rapidly. So far, the application of engraving machine in almost every industry, become our daily work in the commonplace equipment. Now, it is mainly used in the advertising industry, craft industry, mold industry, construction industry, printing and packaging industry, wood industry, decoration industry, leather industry ...... Let's take a brief look at the laser engraving machine in various industries in the application of it.

The common laser engraving machine on the market

A laser engraving machine in all walks of life in the application of the decoration industry

Laser engraving machine in the decorative industry can be described as very many applications, the following for its carving of wood for everyone to do an introduction.

First of all, the logs, the logs are not processed wood. It is one of the most common laser processing materials in our daily lives, but also very easy to be carved and cut. For example, light-colored woods such as birch, cherry or maple, they are easily vaporized by the laser and therefore more suitable for engraving. However, since each wood has its own characteristics, we have to choose the wood according to the specific object we want to engrave. We recommend studying the characteristics of the engraver first before carving less familiar woods.

The next is plywood, which is a man-made wood panel and one of the common materials used for furniture. Carving on plywood is actually not much different from carving on wood, except for one thing to note, the carving depth should not be too deep. The edges of the cut plywood will also be blackened like wood, but the degree of blackening depends on the kind of wood the plywood is made of.

Generally speaking, carving on wood is usually Yin carving, and the carving depth is generally required to be deeper, so that the power is generally set higher. If you encounter hard wood may make the carved graphics presentation becomes darker. If you want to make the color lighter, you can increase the carving speed and try to carve more times. Some woods will produce some soot on the surface of the wood when carving, if the wood has been painted. Available wet cloth will be carefully wiped away, if not painted may not be clean, resulting in surface staining of the finished product.

Second, the laser engraving machine in all walks of life in the application of printing and packaging

With the widespread use of laser engraving machines, printing and packaging industry printing plates are gradually applied to the laser engraving technology. The most common type of packaging in the printing and packaging industry is corrugated carton packaging. However, corrugated carton packaging can be divided into two categories, one is sales packaging and the other is transportation packaging. Sales packaging generally belongs to the inner packaging, which meets with consumers in the sales process, such as color boxes, white boxes, gift boxes, etc. Transportation packaging generally belongs to the outer packaging, basically in the sales process does not meet the consumer, its main role is to facilitate storage, transportation, such as cardboard boxes, corrugated boxes and so on.

Because of the low cost of laser engraving on paper packaging materials, only a quarter of the cost of the resin version, so in the current printing and packaging industry is commonly used laser engraving plate making for corrugated box packaging printing version.

Laser engraving machines are designed to achieve engraving in the form of dots, which have a natural advantage in terms of grayscale performance. For this reason, in the design of engraving as far as possible to use grayscale form, the benefits of this is to reduce the coloring process, saving costs; so that on the one hand to enrich the carving means of expression, increasing the level of graphics.

Third, the laser engraving machine in all walks of life in the application of the craft industry

Laser engraving crafts is the use of high energy density of the laser beam projected onto the surface of the material, so that the material surface physical and chemical changes, so as to obtain visible patterns of engraving crafts.

Laser engraving crafts by material can be divided into: paper laser engraving crafts, fabric laser engraving crafts, bamboo laser engraving crafts, leather laser engraving crafts, resin laser engraving crafts, there are glass engraving crafts, metal laser engraving crafts, jewelry and jade laser engraving crafts ......

The next is mainly focused on the introduction of laser engraving machine in the plexiglass crafts carving.

The common crystal letters on the market

The most common material in our daily life - acrylic, in fact, is a plexiglass, it is easy to be cut and carved into a variety of shapes and sizes, and the cost is relatively low, so it is only natural to become the most commonly used in the craft industry on a carving material. Casting method of production of plexiglass, it is laser engraving after the frosting effect is very white, and the original transparent texture to produce a sharp contrast, can produce a very good effect after engraving; calendering method of production of plexiglass in the laser engraving is still transparent, there is not a sufficient contrast effect, so relatively less used. Therefore, we should pay attention when buying plexiglass, we must choose the kind of high purity, or buy back the plexiglass material in the carving or cutting may have melting phenomenon.

Fourth, laser engraving machine in all walks of life in the application of leather

Leather industry using laser cutting machine to break the traditional manual and electric cutting slow speed, difficult to layout, low efficiency and material waste phenomenon serious problems. It is fast and simple to operate, the development of the leather industry has brought very great benefits. You just need to input the graphics and size to be cut into the computer, and the laser engraving machine will cut the whole sheet of material into the finished product you need according to the data on your computer. No tools and no molds are needed, and at the same time, it saves you a lot of human resource investment. That's why laser engraving machines are also widely used in the leather industry.

Laser cutting machine relative to the relative to the traditional cutting method there are numerous advantages: it cuts out the edge of the leather does not yellow, but also automatically hemmed or rolled edge, not deformed, not hard, consistent and accurate size; can cut any complex shape; high efficiency, low cost, computer-designed graphics, you can cut any shape any size of lace; processing of the workpiece without mechanical pressure; safe operation, simple maintenance, etc. No mechanical pressure on the workpiece; safe operation and easy maintenance.

Due to the combination of laser and computer technology, the user just design a good pattern on the computer, you can output and can change the carving graphics at any time, to achieve the design while the product out of the concept. It can be said that the emergence of laser engraving machine, greatly promote the development of the leather industry.

Practice has proved that the laser processing is the best choice for energy-saving processing, environmental protection processing.