Laser Engraving Machine Track Is Divided into Round Rail and Linear Guide Rail

Laser engraving machine track is divided into round rail and linear guide. Rail is like human hands and feet, we have to love their hands and feet as much as the carving machine track.

Types of Rails

Round Rail

Rail is divided into round and square rail. The so-called round rail is a cylindrical linear guide, it is produced by our country. Load capacity is high, relatively low cost, short production cycle, easy to install and other characteristics, so many processors choose its alternative to square linear guide. The round rail needs to support the limited place, rigidity is also relatively poor. Its use for a long time will deviate, and its error will be larger than the square rail.

Square rail

Square rail refers to the square linear guide, it is produced by foreign countries, its positioning accuracy high school, the friction coefficient is small so it can maintain its accuracy for a long time, especially its static friction and dynamic friction gap is very small, the driving horsepower demand for equipment is low, can save a lot of energy. Nowadays, most of the tracks on the market are made of imported raw materials, and their prices are relatively expensive.

In order to improve efficiency and reduce costs, so in the details of the maintenance of the track must be more attentive, for different carving machines should have different maintenance methods, advertising engraving machines, woodworking engraving machines, machining centers such as carving machine guide rail its maintenance methods: required after each operation to the X, Y, Z axis guide surface cleaning, to the track on the chips and dirt all clean, followed by Is to check the guide surface for scratch damage, after cleaning to add lubricant to the guide, to facilitate the next day's work.

Stone engraving machine track maintenance method: because the stone engraving machine often use water, so the machine is more humid, must be maintained every day on the track. Maintenance must be noted in the X, Y, Z three axis light rod with machine oil for maintenance; filament part must use high-speed grease.


No matter what kind of engraving machine before maintenance must be noted is that first all the power off, check whether the next power, to confirm that there are no safety hazards before the next step of maintenance.