Laser Cutting Machine to Help the Advertising Industry to Achieve Creativity

In China's advertising industry, the market demand has grown very much from more than a decade ago to the present, the advertising industry is developing rapidly and the advertising industry is in the golden period of development.

In China's advertising industry, the market demand has grown very much from more than ten years ago to now, and the advertising industry is developing rapidly, and the advertising industry is in the golden period of development. Society is progressing, and we have more requirements for the advertising industry. The use of laser cutting machines in the advertising industry is very important, and laser cutting is applicable to various industries and materials covered by the advertising industry, which has greatly promoted the development and reform of the advertising industry.

Obviously, there are still many problems in the current advertising production industry. In the traditional advertising production process, some advertising product design precision, complex structure, the pursuit of novelty and good looks, ignoring the production and processing quality and cycle problems, resulting in a long production time, pre-design momentary cool, finished products waiting for the crematorium situation; worse, some personalized advertising design and production process is complex, difficult to mass production; some bad manufacturers will be in the production of finished products in the process of cutting corners The design of the product is very simple, how to do, and seriously affect the aesthetics of the design. There are many similar problems, and the application of laser cutting machines can be improved, greatly promoting the development of the industry.

Laser cutting is the laser beam irradiation to the surface of the workpiece when the energy released to make the workpiece melt and evaporate, in order to achieve the purpose of cutting and engraving, with high precision, cutting fast, not limited to cutting pattern restrictions, automatic layout to save material, smooth kerf, low processing costs and other characteristics, will gradually improve or replace the traditional cutting process equipment. The use of laser cutting can eliminate the mold opening process and improve efficiency. Laser cutting machine can cut any plane graphics on metal and non-metal materials, as long as there is a drawing, you can cut a good sample through computer control, for advertising such a creative and versatile industry, efficient laser cutting technology to improve the flexibility in production, the advantages are obvious. At the same time, the whole process is environmentally friendly and pollution-free, which can keep the production workshop neat and clean, and the cutting waste will be greatly reduced. Laser engraving machine in the advertising industry uses? The surface of the sample engraved by laser engraving machine is smooth and round. Laser engraving machine is mainly used for metal and non-metal engraving, cutting, punching, etc. Laser engraving machine is different from mechanical engraving machine. Laser engraving machine processing is clean, hygienic and fast. Laser engraving machine compared to mechanical engraving machine, will be more expensive, but of course, not necessarily, because there are too many brands. Laser engraving machine is a good choice for various processing industries. So what is the use of laser engraving machine in the advertising industry? We will specifically talk about this issue today.

How does a laser engraving machine work?

Unlike other tools, he is a laser beam focused on a very small area of the material so that the material quickly vaporized, somewhat similar to a magnifying glass placed in the sunlight so that something located at his focal point to catch fire and burn up. Compared to other laser applications, laser engraving machines are not very powerful and are designed and manufactured as an integrated, fully enclosed device for ease of operation and safety reasons.

Laser engraving machine in the advertising industry applications of the three ways to work?

1, engraving: engraving, mainly on the surface of the material. The graphics to be engraved are first properly processed in the computer and converted into a format that can be output, and then the graphics are opened in the special engraving and cutting software. According to the material to be processed, adjusting the appropriate parameter settings is all that is needed, and when you click Run, the machine will carve according to the dot matrix effect generated by the graphic file. It is mainly applicable to the processing of wood board, two-color board, Plexiglas, colored paper and other materials.

2、Cutting: cutting, can be understood as the separation of edges. For such processing purposes, we should first make the graphics in the form of lines in the computer, and then save it in the appropriate format, and open the cutting operation software to open the file. According to the material to be processed for energy and speed and other parameters can be set before running. The cutting machine will automatically cut according to the flight path generated by the software after receiving instructions from the computer. Mainly applicable to the processing of materials such as wood panels, two-color panels, Plexiglas, colored paper, etc., the production of crystal letters, trademarks, etc.

3, engraving and cutting: engraving and cutting, mainly for both graphic effects and model effects. This processing method, the first step in the carving process, and then selected in the carving and cutting software "edge cutting" will be able to achieve the purpose. It is mainly applied to the production of road signs, signage, signage, like a set of indicative signs. Now, this kind of processing method has been widely promoted in the advertising industry.

Laser engraving machine in the advertising industry uses?

Plane engraving specifically for carving two-color plate and other flat carving materials, can make all kinds of badges, hanging signs, nameplates, etc., cutting all kinds of material characters, graphics, and the production of various models.

3D engraving in addition to the completion of the plane engraving machine functions, but also can carve with depth control objects, such as 3D convex or concave three-dimensional characters with a pen blade, graphics. It can produce advanced plaques made of organic glass, PVC foam board, copper, aluminum, stainless steel and other materials, as well as relief and color carvings and other crafts.

Laser engraving machine in the advertising industry uses what materials?

Plexiglass, two-color plate, fabric, leather, wood, paper, rubber, high density board / foam board, glassware, plastic and other non-metal products.

Laser engraving machine in the advertising industry use advantages?

Laser processing has the following advantages over mechanical processing. Laser processing has the remarkable advantages of wide processing object, small deformation, high precision, energy saving, little public harm, non-contact long-distance processing, automatic processing, etc. Narrow slit, fine engraving, can be cut at will without penetrating the blind groove; can easily act on ultra-thin, fragile, brittle, soft, hard materials and synthetic materials, fast cutting speed, no tool wear; easy CNC and computer control: easy assembly line operations. With the development of optical, electromechanical, materials, computer, control technology has gradually become a new processing technology. Laser engraving and cutting machine both laser engraving and laser cutting function, the laser and control system put forward higher requirements, it combines all the advantages of engraving and cutting, a machine multi-purpose, more cost-effective currently widely used in advertising technology, mold models, printing plates, fur and leather goods, electronic instruments and many other industries.