Flying Bear 3D Printer Reborn 2
Flying Bear 3D Printer Reborn 2
Flying Bear 3D Printer Reborn 2
Flying Bear 3D Printer Reborn 2
Flying Bear 3D Printer Reborn 2
Flying Bear 3D Printer Reborn 2
Flying Bear 3D Printer Reborn 2
Flying Bear 3D Printer Reborn 2
Flying Bear 3D Printer Reborn 2
Flying Bear 3D Printer Reborn 2
Flying Bear 3D Printer Reborn 2
Flying Bear 3D Printer Reborn 2
Flying Bear 3D Printer Reborn 2
Flying Bear 3D Printer Reborn 2

Flying Bear 3D Printer Reborn 2

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Reborn 2 Open source drawings:

Dear buyer, Please kind of noticed that:
1. When the printer runs the first test printing, someone must guard the whole process to avoid accidents,although the printer is safty!
2. All printers have 12 months warranty, buy it with confidence.
3.The Printers and Laser engraving machine all Very quickly Organization, and start to use easily, after sale team will support if you meet any problem.
4. Dear EU/US buyers,Your printer will send from EU/US local warehouse,No any extra tax fee,delivered within 3-7days,Filament and PEI bed+Leveling Sensor will send from China by a fast shipping around 7-15days.
5. Dear Belaru/Kazakhstan buyer, The Ghost6/Reborn2/LaserMan/Aone2/Ghost5 will send from Russia local by CDEK shipping, delivery within 10-15days.

Product Features:

1. All-aluminum frame structure
Fully enclosed metal frame, durable and won’t deformation
2. Core X-Y Structure
More high printing speed thanks to super low motion inertial.
3. Super less rate hose blockage
Hose inner wall 0.2um roughness, reduce the blockage rate to insure
the high-precision
4. The high running accuracy
The XYZ shafts are all linear guides to improve the running accuracy
5. There are 2 verisions heating bed with 220V, and heating bed with 110V Silicone Heating Bed, US, MX, CA and Japan is send by 11OV heating bed.
The hot bed was heated by faster heating speed and more uniform.
6. The Newest Design Extruder
Direct extruder, reduced extruder distance, for more high extruder precision
Cleaning filament Easily, Removable feeding hole clean the blocked filament inside easily
More High Extruder Reduction Ratio, The Ratio keeps to 1:7.5, More fast and stable extruder results
Real-time observation,Transparent extruder,watching and checking the extrusion status directly
Dual cooling fan, improving the model surface printing quality.
7. TMC2209 Drive
The extruder Motor adopts tmc2209 drive to bring higher quality printing.
8. Colorful touch screen
High sensitive screen operating, comfortable and simple to use.
9. Wi-Fi connection Function
the way users upload printing file fast and simple
10. Filament run-out Sensor
The runout sensor function, will automatically Pause when filament out or break.
11. The Resume printing
the printer can keep printing if the power failure, less worries about the power off.
12. Easy and fast installation
80% of the accessories have been Pre-installed, come with detailed installation videos are attached, just spend several minutes to start your printing easily
13. Foldable Insulation Cover
Adjustable temperature fan inside,helps to all Filament printing in a good warm keeping condition,as well as ABS filament also printing easily.

Product Parameters

Printing size: 325*325*350mm

Bed size: 329*329mm

Printer size: 525*558*595mm      

Layer thickness precision: 0.05-0.3

MAX printing speed: 150 mm/s.


Material specifications : 1.75mm in diameter.

Positioning accuracy: Z 0.002mm, XY 0.01mm.

Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm

Hotend temperature: 350

Hot bed temperature: 60-110deg.

Extruder number: 1

Power requirements: 24V, 300W

Connectivity: WiFi, TF card, USB

Input file format: STL , OBJ , DAE , AMF

Output file format: GCode

Compatibility: Windows, Mac.

Control software: Cura.

Machine weight: 20.3(kg)

Package weight: 22.5(kg)


reborn 2 3d printer

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Excellent printer!

Just received . Assembled. Works w/o any issue from the box.
The team really knows what they do. Supports the customer from start to finish 24/7. "Rocket speed" delivery. =)

Good starting point for a large core X-Y

For the price its a good start for a large core X-Y, other manufacturers are way too expensive. Great machine for most tinkers, loads of mods can be done if you wish

Rock solid and upgradable build

I like the design very much and the price/performance ratio is great for a printer of this size. With Klipper and some mods this thing can fly.

Kiwi Les
Flying Bear Reborn 2 Best DIY Core XY Solid Value !!

This printer has a solid value for what you get out of the box it prints well nice frame and extruder. IF YOU TINKER , you can get this machine to FLY.
If your looking for a large format cover xy and you like to learn more and tinker then this is a bargin. If you do a few mods like Klipper on this machine it will be excellent. Checkout youtube for all the reviews !!

Solid Printer, Great Value

The Flying Bear Reborn 2 provides great prints at a very reasonable price point. The z-axis is rock solid and holds a level well. The PEI sheet and ABL sensor are low cost additions that provide a great experience. They both work great and I was impressed with the quality of the prints I am getting from the printer. Definitely a great addition to my collection.